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'My Eureka Moment? Google Cloud'

30 maart 2017

GeeFirm’s Hans van der Linden in top50 global Google Connect Community

As an enthusiastic Google Partner, GeeFirm provides enterprise-grade consultancy and implementation services exclusively to the Professional Services industry. Also, we want to add value to the Google Partner community. ‘Noblesse oblige’ as the French say, nobility obliges. The stronger we all make the Google Partner community, the better the overall business climate for the Google ecosystem will become.

Therefore, we are very proud that our colleague Hans van der Linden, principal consultant at GeeFirm, now belongs to the top50 influencers in the worldwide Google Cloud Connect Community. His achievements demonstrate the level of Google knowledge we nourish at GeeFirm. Hans is the GeeFirm Google Guru, for ourselves and for our customers. Although he will immediately deny this predicate...

Hans combines a strong theoretical background in the optimization of business process with hands-on experience in deployment and implementations of innovative technology. And what’s more, he has a down-to-earth, practical approach in helping businesses to get the best out of their IT investments. Our customers appreciate his guidance and helpfulness very much, seen the positive customer feedback he gets.


No compromise

Hans is a Master of Science in Strategic Management. From the start of his career, he has been involved in the selection and implementation of information systems at corporates in the construction industry and other environments. As a deployment specialist, he has seen many platforms and applications, always looking for easier and better ways of collaboration. And always impeded by the limitations of IT. Those were the days that Microsoft dominated the business world.

At the beginning of 2011 he discovered the Google cloud as an alternative scenario for enterprise IT. ‘That gave me a very strong eureka moment. In a split second, I became aware of the possibilities of cloud computing,’ says Van der Linden. ’I realised that the Google ecosystem cloud offerings made IT very easy without having to compromise in functionality. In fact, many things are becoming much easier to implement. The Google cloud pushes IT infrastructure issues out of the way. And it is getting better and better. The latest launches at Google Cloud Next’17 enrich the functionality for enterprises even more.’

As an expert with over 4.100 points in the Google Cloud Connect Community, Hans has reached Level 7 out of 10. Just 3 to go, Hans!

Explore Google Cloud Connect for yourself. There is so much to discover!

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