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Innovate your company’s workflows

2 mei 2017

By Jean-Paul Damen, Director Business Development GeeFirm

In my recent blog 5 big trends in professional services, I briefly mentioned workflow innovation. I explained that companies act in certain rhythms and styles that together constitute their customer journey. Monitoring current customer interactions and levels of innovation is important in order to stay innovative and competitive.

At Geefirm, we discovered that improving the structured monitoring of innovation levels of our customer’s workflows had a structural potential to improve their innovation levels. Applying this in our own consulting practice, this insight resulted in the design of a digital maturity scan. The basic idea of the maturity scan is that it reveals company levels of internal and external collaboration and communication. As a result, the scan shows the level at which you are aligned with the digital world that surrounds you. Do you know on which level your company is collaborating and communicating?

Signs for workflow innovation
When companies ask us to optimize their business applications landscape, we often observe they have created company specific solutions or have embraced stand-alone solutions and practices to resolve particular information or communication needs. For example, some employees install Dropbox to store documents in the Cloud, while others forward email to their private accounts in order to work from home. It seems that ‘Bring Your Own Device’ has evolved in ‘Bring your own App’. This way of working can be referred to as Shadow IT. It is important to note that when this occurs it is time to act, since it is not compatible with your company governance nor with IT policies. A digital maturity scan provides you with accurate insights. From that you get directions for improving IT alignment to company needs.

Start scanning
The first aspect of Innovation is that it is driven by the acts of many participants in your company. In fact, innovation spans the entire lifecycle of projects, products and channels and connects all participants and functional areas. In order to drive innovation, people need to work in an inviting environment that enables them to achieve more. A second aspect of innovation is the way the various businesses absorb change and the way people interact.

We have found that successful innovation requires real-time collaboration by cross-functional teams across time zones, organizational boundaries and locations. Also, the quest for innovative ways of working requires a structured approach towards workflow innovation. A first step in evaluating your current level of workflow innovation is to measure if your IT solutions are innovation ready. Considering the fact that companies seldom systematically evaluate whether or not their IT solutions are designed to survive sustained innovations, we found an apparent need to create measurements of the perceived gap in innovation readiness.

So we created a simple digital scan which provides the insights for discussion as an input for decision making. E.g. when scanning results show that your company has a need for young talent and your company is hungry for knowledge, you know to direct efforts at recruiting new talent from the new labour generations.

Need help?
Are your tools still effective, or should there be a change to in your workflow? Are you in need of a new toolset in order to collaborate? Or do you want to have your company scanned? Just give us a call.

At Geefirm we successfully combine application of the digital maturity scan with execution of a well designed Customer Success Program. This program takes into account that getting the best from IT and business applications involves continuous learning, improvement and development by continuous collaboration with your company. Why need high staff levels if you have GeeFirm to help you?

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