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Incredible Technology at an Impossible Price

15 januari 2018

Zoho one makes applications simply work together. The result: unmatched customer benefits. Zoho One includes over 35 web applications and mobile apps—under a single sign-on, with centralized administration and provisioning.

With Zoho One, all the applications a company needs to acquire and serve its customers (marketing, sales, and support apps) are integrated. On top of that, Zoho also integrated its applications with hundreds of leading third-party software companies. But the innovation of Zoho doesn’t stop with the software. Zoho One is now available under a single, simple contract with one service agreement that covers the entire suite.

Zoho One presents one single administrative console for all account management and administration. Policies can be flexibly set—at the service level, organizational level, department levels, or even at the individual level.

Incredible Technology at an Impossible Price

So what does all this magic cost? If you have a drum, this is the time to set it rolling…

Zoho One is available at $30 a month—or just about a dollar a day, per employee. International prices are very similar. You must get a license for each one of your employees. At this price, Zoho just made sophisticated business software available for everyone. Software is no longer a scarce resource that must be rationed and apportioned. It’s more like a utility that anyone simply must have. Like electric power, you can just put it on every desk.

There are no catches. You get the enterprise—or high-end—editions of every application, thus all the capabilities you will likely ever need. There are no hidden prices, wily clauses, or sneaky upgrades. You get everything you need to run your business at that one price.

Zoho One really is a license for your peace of mind. Stop worrying about software. Or about breaking the bank to pay for it. Instead, go ahead and build your dream.

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