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Google Updates February

7 februari 2017

Schedule meetings smarter in Google Calendar (web version)

In Google calendar it is now possible to see guests’ time zones and room suggestions.

Room suggestions
When creating meetings Calendar self will be suggesting rooms based on you and your guest’s previously used rooms. You are also able to browse or search for rooms the way you already do today.

Room booking suggestions in Google Calendar

Guest time zones
It’s now easier with Google Calendar to find time for collaboration across time zones. In the find a time tab you’ll see the time of the meeting in the time zone of each guest, when different.

Guest time zones in Google Calendar

Creating files from templates in Google Drive is now easier

Google has made it easier for users to create files from templates by accessing those templates directly from Drive. Instead of navigating to the Docs, Sheets, Slides or Forms home pages, you are now able to simply choose a template right from your Drive home page. You can create files from templates by clicking on New → Google Docs/Sheets/Slides/Forms → > → from a template. You will be directed to the template gallery, where you can select a template.

templates google drive

Mobile apps Google Docs and Sheets have new features

This Google Update bring various new and useful features to your Android and iOS devices.

On your Android device, you are now able to:

  • Insert and edit headers and footers in Docs
  • Drag and drop text in Docs
  • Resize, move and rotate images in Docs, and change the text wrapping and border styles of the image.

On your iOS device, you are now able to:

  • Insert headers and footers in Docs
  • Insert page numbers in headers and footers in Docs
  • Change a page’s size, orientation and color in Docs
  • Insert and edit solid, dashed and dotted borders in Sheets
new features docs android iOS

Legacy versions of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides apps will be shut down on April 3th 2017

As of April 3th Google wil be shutting down older versions of the following Android and iOS applications:


  • Google Drive (prior to version 2.4.311)
  • Google Docs (prior to version 1.6.292)
  • Google Sheets (prior to version 1.6.292)
  • Google Slides (prior to version 1.6.292)


  • Google Drive (prior to version 4.16)
  • Google Docs (prior to version 1.2016.12204)
  • Google Sheets (prior to version 1.2016.12208)
  • Google Slides (prior to version 1.2016.12203)

This month, users of these legacy versions will be seeing notifications to update their apps. When you have a very old version (older than the versions above), you will be forced to upgrade when receiving the notification.

If you need help with installing the latest version of these mobile applications? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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