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'Gamification: the ‘what,’ the ‘how,’ and the 'why'

29 september 2016

You know those football pools that co-workers love to create whenever it’s World Cup time? It’s a type of game that enhances commitment and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. Basically, gamification aims for the same goal – albeit on a much higher level. But why exactly is gamification so effective?

What: a brief explanation

In short, gamification is the incorporation of game elements in different types of software. While most people don’t need the slightest bit of encouragement to play games in their spare time, working with business software is often a tedious experience for them. Many companies want to bring that leisure-time motivation to the workplace. And game elements are the way to do this; they fit employees’ experiential world and make working a lot more fun.

How: including game elements

Games are based on rewarding players for positive performances. Translated to business software, this means that employees could earn points or coins for certain actions. Because they’ve assisted a client or handled a case, for example. Regardless of the specifics, there should be a relationship between business value and rewards. Having that said, it’s very important to avoid a competitive element. Therefore, rewards should never be monetary. Instead, employees should be able to redeem their points or coins for something valuable, such as additional spare time, a training course, or a nice trip. Gamification should always create a positive feedback loop: employees do something right and are rewarded for it. Motivation and encouragement are key in this regard!

Why: creating positivity

You don’t want employees to go to work because the boss says they have to. If they are intrinsically motivated and genuinely enjoy working, they will be much more involved and committed. The atmosphere in the office will surely benefit from this, and businesses are more likely to grow and thrive.

Conclusion: make working feel like a game!

If working is as fun as playing a game… well, your company is characterized by an inspiring, dedicated team. And what business wouldn’t want that?

GeeFirm realizes that companies want to embed ‘employee-friendly’ software for the purpose of achieving business goals. Therefore, VOGSY – the software that we implement – includes clever and effective game elements!

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