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VOGSY is now Google Technical Partner

16 januari 2017

First mobile Google business App for Professional Services

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ERP software and Google

15 september 2016

We’ve already told you a little bit about VOGSY. It’s our Google-based, present-day ERP solution. Now, why did we root our ERP software in Google? Well, because it can take away the pain. Let us explain how powerful, logical, and beneficial the combination of ...

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ERP software: taking away the pain

31 augustus 2016

ERP software - or Enterprise Resource Planning software - was originally developed to link all business processes together, ensuring that everything was in the right place at the right time. The result? Cost reduction and efficiency. Sounds great, doesn’t it? ...

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How to make working more fun: towards a new software concept

9 augustus 2016

Many people don’t enjoy working as much as they should. Looking at a computer screen in an airless space, using complex software all day long: it is not their definition of ‘fun.’ They cannot wait to go home and relax. Given that the average employee spends a ...

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