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Reason #3 why Google ERP solutions will win: ROI

12 mei 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Sales & Marketing Director GeeFirm

How come that Google succeeds in attracting more and more consultants? My third blog in a series that shares light on causes for the accelerating adoption of Google Cloud in the Professional Services...

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GeeFirm participates with VOGSY at Google Next17 in Amsterdam

5 mei 2017

Save the date!

We are proud to invite you to the exclusive Google Cloud Next Amsterdam Event on June 21st, the most inspiring Google event in the Benelux. Customers, partners, developers, executives IT decision makers, engineers, and other in Google interested professionals ...

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No more data loss with Team Drives

2 mei 2017

G Suite is known for making sharing and collaboration easy. Which is probably one of the reasons that you love G Suite. However, until recently, one problem seemed to remain. You may have experienced, that when your colleagues leave your organisation, the real...

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Innovate your company’s workflows

2 mei 2017

By Jean-Paul Damen, Director Business Development GeeFirm

In my recent blog 5 big trends in professional services, I briefly mentioned workflow innovation. I explained that companies act in certain rhythms and styles that together constitute their customer...

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Reason #2 why Google ERP solutions will win: mobile

28 april 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Sales & Marketing Director GeeFirm

How come that Google succeeds in attracting more and more consultants? My second blog in a series that shares light on causes for the accelerating adoption of Google Cloud in the Professional Services...

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5 reasons why Google ERP solutions will win: #1

14 april 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Sales & Marketing Director GeeFirm

How come that Google succeeds in attracting more and more consultants? My first blog in a series that shares light on causes for the accelerating adoption of Google Cloud in the Professional Services...

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Manage growth in your business efficiently

4 april 2017

By Jean-Paul Damen, Director Business Development GeeFirm.

When your business is growing, it is usually because you’ve done something right. For instance, you’ve just landed a new service, marketing has been effective and your sales are coming in. Even though...

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'My Eureka Moment? Google Cloud'

30 maart 2017

GeeFirm’s Hans van der Linden in top50 global Google Connect Community

As an enthusiastic Google Partner, GeeFirm provides enterprise-grade consultancy and implementation services exclusively to the Professional Services industry. Also, we want to add value to ...

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Google Cloud Next’17 as a catalyst

17 maart 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Marketing Director GeeFirm

The Google Cloud NEXT’17 conference is over now. However, it marked the start of increased action in the Google Ecosystem. After our return to Amsterdam, my calendar became crammed with meetings and hangouts,...

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5 big trends in professional services

14 maart 2017

By Jean-Paul Damen, Director Business Development GeeFirm

Due to new technologies, the world we live in is constantly changing. This not only has an impact on the way you live, but also on the way you run your company in an agile way. People want to stay on top...

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Introduction to scripting

14 maart 2017

By Jean-Paul Damen, Director Business Development GeeFirm

We are often asked to help out with integrating applications or building new Apps connected to or in Google Cloud, G Suite, Zoho, web and other live environments. The best resource as introduction to...

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Thrilled by Google Cloud Next’17

10 maart 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Marketing Director GeeFirm

The Google Cloud NEXT’17 conference is almost done now. Again, it was a lifetime experience. My excitement will certainly last for a long time, far beyond our return in Amsterdam. I am thrilled about the plans and ...

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VOGSY joins Google’s G Suite Marketplace

6 maart 2017

VOGSY mobile business app for Professional Services now available via G Suite Marketplace

Google Cloud NEXT 2017 Conference, San Francisco (USA), 06 March 2017 - The VOGSY mobile business cloud solution has been added to the G Suite Marketplace. VOGSY is...

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Google Cloud Next’17, here we come!

3 maart 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Marketing Manager GeeFirm

We are ready to go and full of excitement. On Sunday, Leo Koster, Wout Klok and I, will set off for the Google Next 2017 summit in San Francisco. It is the must-attend event for every one that is Google related or...

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The happiest people on earth are unhappy at work

2 maart 2017

By Wout Klok, CEO GeeFirm

Ever been in The Netherlands? The country of tulips, windmills (not any more), wooden shoes (never was) and canals? The country of Amsterdam, Van Gogh and Rembrandt, bicycles for all and coffee shops where they sell drugs? The country ...

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Google Cloud Search the search engine for G Suite

28 februari 2017

We were wondering when Google would introduce the best of Google search to G Suite. Well that time has come now. Google is presenting Google Cloud Search. With this new feature you don’t need to open Gmail and search through Gmail, or open Google Drive and...

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Automate your daily sales routines with Zoho CRM in just 5 ways

28 februari 2017

In a growing business you are short on two major things: resources and time. You probably want to do more with less. But do you know where to start? In this blog we will be explaining 5 easy ways to automate the most time consuming parts of your sales process ...

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How to deal with the fake news in your business

16 februari 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Marketing & Sales Director GeeFirm.

Is Elvis Presley still among us? And Marilyn Monroe, was she really killed by a CIA agent? Fake news: we love it and we hate it. We cannot have enough of it when it concerns our adversaries and we...

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Google Updates February

7 februari 2017

Schedule meetings smarter in Google Calendar (web version)

In Google calendar it is now possible to see guests’ time zones and room suggestions.

Room suggestions
When creating meetings Calendar self will be suggesting rooms based on you and your guest’s previously used rooms. You are also able to browse or search for...

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Be prepared! This new Gmail Phishing attack is fooling everyone

24 januari 2017

Generally IT professionals don't fall for phishing attacks: They know which factors make a email suspicious and when to be careful. However this new attack is even fooling them.

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Google help anywhere anytime

17 januari 2017

What is G Suite Training?

G Suite Training is a new Chrome extension that offers simple and interactive training lessons to help G Suite users get quickly up and running. G Suite Training is designed to be simple and efficient. Training for G Suite can be...

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VOGSY is now Google Technical Partner

16 januari 2017

First mobile Google business App for Professional Services

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Global launch of VOGSY, the first mobile Google Business App for professionals

29 november 2016

One of Amsterdam’s hottest spots - The Loft of the A’DAM Tower - was the venue for the worldwide launch of VOGSY. VOGSY is the mobile business cloud solution on top of G Suite for project oriented professional service organizations. VOGSY is also the name of...

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Embrace digital transformation to attract talent!

1 november 2016

Forward-thinking organizations can no longer afford to ignore digital transformation. Young talent will simply stay away if you don’t adopt their way of working. So experiment, have the courage to fail, and get back on your feet asap. Because that’s how the...

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Quint joins the Google cloud with GeeFirm as implementation partner to enable Digital Transformation initiatives

24 oktober 2016

Amstelveen, 24 October 2016 - International consulting organisation Quint Wellington Redwood, has chosen G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work) as the next step in intelligent communication and real time collaboration. Quint has selected Professional...

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'Gamification: the ‘what,’ the ‘how,’ and the 'why'

29 september 2016

You know those football pools that co-workers love to create whenever it’s World Cup time? It’s a type of game that enhances commitment and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. Basically, gamification aims for the same goal – albeit on a much higher...

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ERP software and Google

15 september 2016

We’ve already told you a little bit about VOGSY. It’s our Google-based, present-day ERP solution. Now, why did we root our ERP software in Google? Well, because it can take away the pain. Let us explain how powerful, logical, and beneficial the combination of ...

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ERP software: taking away the pain

31 augustus 2016

ERP software - or Enterprise Resource Planning software - was originally developed to link all business processes together, ensuring that everything was in the right place at the right time. The result? Cost reduction and efficiency. Sounds great, doesn’t it? ...

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GeeFirm helps Moyee Coffee move into Google for Work

23 augustus 2016

Moyee Coffee has switched to Google Apps for Business. GeeFirm has implemented the new software and guided the transition. GeeFirm is Google for Work Partner, specifically for the Professional Services sector.

Following the Fair Chain principle, Moyee Coffee...

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How to make working more fun: towards a new software concept

9 augustus 2016

Many people don’t enjoy working as much as they should. Looking at a computer screen in an airless space, using complex software all day long: it is not their definition of ‘fun.’ They cannot wait to go home and relax. Given that the average employee spends a ...

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The best of both worlds

7 juni 2016

With bags of enthusiasm and a lot of passion all of our employees deploy their professional experience to let your business grow. We use the Google Ecosystem as building blocks and add a state-of-the-art technology to it in order to succeed.

At the core of...

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The More Group boosts performance with Google for Work and Zoho

1 juni 2016

The More Group companies Brandcast Company and SlagBijAlmelo leverage Google for Work and Zoho.

GeeFirm announces that The Brandcast Company, the content marketing agency that belongs to the More group of companies, has switched to the advanced business...

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Meet GeeFirm: Cloud Services for Clever Companies!

10 mei 2016

It’s time for a fresh challenge! Jean-Paul Damen (InternetOveral), Leo Koster (AllSolutions), Wout Klok (AllSolutions) and Jeroen Hovinga (Synmotive) have started a new company: GeeFirm. Why?

Making the work of professionals a lot more fun and efficient! To...

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How to navigate the Perfect Storm

11 april 2016

Professional Service companies are in a perfect storm. Creative destruction is everywhere. New businesses and new Business Models turn the Professional Services Industry upside down. Many providers struggle with the challenge to address the transformation of...

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Chromebooks gaining popularity

6 maart 2016

When working in the cloud using, for instance, Google Apps for Work, a device that supports cloud-based working is necessary. An example is a Chromebook.

Lately, Chromebooks are becoming more and more popular. According to CIO, Chromebooks are more popular than...

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Press release - new venture GeeFirm

6 oktober 2015

Portfolio press release

AllSolutions, Internet Overal, Synmotive

New venture GeeFirm
Amsterdam, October 6th 2015. The new venture GeeFirm has been established by Saas-ERP supplier AllSolutions, and Google-partners and Zoho-partner Internet Overal en Synmotive....

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