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Our Mission

GeeFirm is dedicated to making Professional Services companies succeed in Mobile First and Cloud Only strategies while driving their speed of service delivery and innovation.

By tapping into the offerings of Google and the G Suite Marketplace Ecosystem, GeeFirm presents relevant buildings blocks that make Professional Services Companies agile, innovative and scalable. And while doing so, engaging professionals.

Why Google? Google is the most innovative software company in the world. It is truly dedicated to the cloud and is able to create thriving communities that foster collaboration and innovation. Functionality, fun and mobile first.

To get the best out the Google Cloud and in order to create breakthroughs in the barriers of the past, it is essential to rethink strategies, operations and service offerings. GeeFirm provides guidance with analysis, process redesign, implementation and optimization.

GeeFirm grows and nurtures a global network of trusted partners that share GeeFirm’s vision on the future of Professional Services.

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