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Engage your professionals with G Suite

Embrace workplace collaboration in the Google Cloud with leading productivity tools.
G Suite is built for business and designed to drive team collaboration, employee productivity and workforce innovation.

  • Google Drive, Share folders and documents
  • Docs, Comment, chat and edit in real-time
  • Spreadsheets, Advanced spreadsheets at your fingertips, AI suggests
  • Slides, Polished presentations with permission controls, AI Suggests
  • Forms, Forms and surveys for your business
  • Site, Dynamic web pages without the need to code

G Suite brings tools to your professionals that make work easier and create more fun while driving project delivery. G Suite is perfectly maintained in the Google Cloud, affordable solution an worry free. G Suite enables businesses to grow and compete on a global scale. A growing number of innovative organizations view G Suite as a must-have product for collaboration and accessibility.

G Suite kills email loads and dramatically reduces version complexity, so driving productivity in professional services. International teams benefit from always collaborating in the latest version. No mistakes possible, while dialogue is being structured and tracking is all over the place. So no need to email that much :-)

Get the most out of Collaborate

Everything you want to know


Everything you want to know

Fast as the speed of light


Fast as the speed of light

CFO Quint Wellington Redwood Frank Grift

"The migration of Quint Wellington Redwood to G Suite was professionally managed and executed by GeeFirm. With their experience and focus at the Professional Services Industry, GeeFirm successfully delivered the project in a demanding setting."

CEO Moyee Coffee Guido van Staveren van Dijk

"We are building a modern enterprise: online, data-driven, mobile and as much as possible automated. Previously we only had one mail server and we could not share calendars, schedules nor files. With G Suite we are now working completely in the cloud. This has greatly increased our freedom of movement and our speed of action."


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