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Many companies work project based and each project needs to deliver on time within budget. Therefore planning is essential. Working with Zoho Projects is efficient and helpful for completing projects. The application makes sure that you can always do your job no matter where you are.

Plan and collaborate

Project planning is important and Zoho Projects offers great features to manage progress. You can set deadlines and distribute tasks over team members and use calendar so everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Besides that, use the interactive message board to share ideas with team members, spark conversations and increase collaboration. Also you can create team intranets with wiki pages. Team members can create, share and respond to content related to the project, such as docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

Zoho Projects collaborates with various platforms allowing you to work faster and achieve goals with less effort. You can integrate with Google Calendar and use Zoho Projects on your iPhone or Android device.

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CFO Quint Wellington Redwood Frank Grift

"The migration of Quint Wellington Redwood to G Suite was professionally managed and executed by GeeFirm. With their experience and focus at the Professional Services Industry, GeeFirm successfully delivered the project in a demanding setting."

CEO Moyee Coffee Guido van Staveren van Dijk

"We are building a modern enterprise: online, data-driven, mobile and as much as possible automated. Previously we only had one mail server and we could not share calendars, schedules nor files. With G Suite we are now working completely in the cloud. This has greatly increased our freedom of movement and our speed of action."


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