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Leo Koster


Leo oversees GeeFirm’s business strategy.

"What type of software does the world really need? All vendors are offering solutions for the business challenges of the Eighties, but that was more than 30 years ago! The market craves true innovation, and for means to help individuals collaborate faster and better, with more fun. For software that is relevant and that helps address the challenges of tomorrow and not those of yesterday. With GeeFirm, we break through the barriers for the recreation of Professional Service Providers,” Leo says.

Leo Koster is also CEO of AllSolutions. He became involved with technology as a Social Sciences student using SPSS and programming in Pascal. He foresaw the impact of the computers in business and in daily life. Therefore, Leo decided to go for a career in the IT industry with an early-stage ERP software vendor. Starting as an implementation consultant eventually he became the owner and CEO of AllSolutions, that he helped grow into the leading player in the ERP domain it still is today. AllSolutions has always been on the forefront of new developments, including cloud and hosting. Already in 2001 the software became available online.


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