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Zoho CRM Xelion Plug-in brings productivity benefits and 
customer intimacy to customers. 

A prospect or customer makes an inbound call. You need to verify the contact and find the right contact person. The Zoho CRM Xelion Plug-in shows you who customers are from their IP-address or phonenumber and directly shows you the contact´s relevant details and call history. And no more doubts whether their latest conversation has been administered in CRM. With the Zoho CRM-Xelion Plug-in your information is complete and actual. So the customer experiences less friction and you can address the customer's need in an effective and fast manner. 

Always work from the last customer contact moment.

With the  Zoho CRM Xelion Plugin an incoming phonecall launches the corresponding customer view in your screen. No need to search for customer data, call-routing is easy and the call is transferred directly to the right operator. The result is less work and a better customer experience.

You can always approach contacts from their latest contact moments and activities. And have more accurate conversations and maybe even better propositions. Completer and better data from automated call logging. Automatic updates from the Xelion addressbook from Zoho data. Integration of telephony data and CRM data allows for more effective analyses, campaigns and customer-journeys. 

Are you using Xelion as your telephony app? And Zoho CRM for sales and marketing automation? Then the use of this plug-in is a no-brainer. 

With a few clicks you´ll be done realising customer advantage and productivity benefits.

Monthly subscriptions


Subscriptions standard prices

Monthly subscriptions for the Xelion-Zoho plugin are based on following standard prices:

- Per organisation / entity, per month        30 EURO

- Per user, per month                                      4 EURO

Subsciptions are monthly billed. Contract period of 12 months


One-off Support

Installation of the Zoho Xelion connector service is simple.  Registration, subscription and user management via website 

Only authorized functioneel administrators have access to the registration services.  

Support by GeeFirm during installation is not necessary.  

GeeFirm provides one-off support if the customer signs up for at EURO 50 per support-call.

Please contact GeeFirm Support only if you require one-off support. 


Xelion Zoho Plug-in Features 

  • Click-to-Call - Direct calls from Zoho CRM
  • Call Pop-up - Known caller, unknown caller  
  • Call Logging - in Zoho CRM
  • Zoho CRM opes customer view at call acceptance  
  • Icludes updating the Xelion Address book on your mobile

Xelion Telephony

Good communication is the lifeline of modern businesses. Xelion believes that by giving customers a simple to use platform that is accessible anywhere, anytime for any device, they can not only improve communications within their business, but also organise communications across multiple technologies.

With an extensive suite of features, Xelion includes all functionality out of the box. No bolt ons and no upgrade fees, everything is included for a simple monthly fee per user. Integration with desktop, smart phone, calendar and more come as standard features in Xelion and enable users to work where and how they want. 

Xelion was in 2019 awarded with the 'Business Connectivity/Cloud Voice Innovator' Award 



After you have signed up for the Zoho Xelion Plug-in Service, you have a 14 day trial period to evaluate the service. When this trial period ends, your paid subscription will automatically begin. If during the trail period you decide not to need a subscription, send us an email saying so. 

*** Xelion tenants who are new to Zoho Phonebridge can use the Zoho Xelion Phonebridge service free of charge for testing purposes for a period of three months ***

Yes, I want to subscribe to the Zoho Xelion Plug-in Service