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Zoho Campaigns gives you the opportunity to reach prospects and engage with your customers. The application is best described as a tool for email marketing with CRM and Social Media integration. Build strong relationships with your customers by creating, sending and tracking effective campaigns.

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Marketing automation helps you in nurturing and engaging your leads and customers with highly personalized content. You can create segments, reach out to target audiences with interesting , send emails to new subscribers based on their preferences, and much more.

Deep Zoho CRM integration
Zoho Campaigns synchronizes and integraties with CRM leads and contacts. In this way you are able to use your own customer database. Besides that, with Zoho CRM you can automate your email marketing by using email workflows and automated replies. Also, campaign results provide real time feedback.

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Zoho Campaigns - Social media integration

Take your email marketing campaigns one step further and promote them on social media. Zoho Campaigns integrations with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help you expand the reach of your promotions and offers.

Keep track of what happens after sending email and social media campaigns. You are able to understand your company’s followers, fans and friends better. Besides that, the built-in analytics measure when, where and how a receiver opens the newsletter. The analytics also show how many times the newsletter is has been viewed and shared on social media.Take your campaign or newsletter to the next level with Zoho Campaigns. Choose a template, or create a new template with HTML editor or Google Docs. Since the tool is so easy to use, you are able to focus yourself on building good relationships with customers.

Mobile first
Manage your mailinglist and send campaigns through any device. You can even keep up with campaign results, or manage your mailinglist via your mobile device. With Zoho Campaigns you are also able to extend your reach by using social media. Lift your campaigns to the next level by using social media for promoting your campaign and approach your target audience.

Take your campaign or newsletter to the next level with Zoho Campaigns. Choose a template or create a new template with HTML editor or Google Docs. Since the tool is so easy to use, you can focus on building strong relationships with customers.

GeeFirm is a Zoho Advanced Partner in the Netherlands, specialized in Professional Services companies (such as Consulting, Media & Marketing, IT services) and has a team of Zoho Certified Deployment Specialists.

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CFO Quint Wellington Redwood Frank Grift

"The migration of Quint Wellington Redwood to G Suite was professionally managed and executed by GeeFirm. With their experience and focus at the Professional Services Industry, GeeFirm successfully delivered the project in a demanding setting."

CEO Moyee Coffee Guido van Staveren van Dijk

"We are building a modern enterprise: online, data-driven, mobile and as much as possible automated. Previously we only had one mail server and we could not share calendars, schedules nor files. With G Suite we are now working completely in the cloud. This has greatly increased our freedom of movement and our speed of action."


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