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Thrilled by Google Cloud Next’17

10 maart 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Marketing Director GeeFirm

The Google Cloud NEXT’17 conference is almost done now. Again, it was a lifetime experience. My excitement will certainly last for a long time, far beyond our return in Amsterdam. I am thrilled about the plans and innovations that Google and partners have presented.

Our time was well spent. Compared to earlier editions of Next, there has been a shift in focus from merely technology to a more business perspective. One thing became very clear: Google is more than Enterprise Ready. For its technology, its partner ecosystem, its geographical coverage and its marketing approach.

The news announcements at Next gave proof of that. To pick a few from the many: the new partnership with SAP will accelerate the adoption of G Suite in corporate environments. The acquisition of AppBridge will help enterprises to easily bring their data into the Google Cloud. New customers like HSBC, one of the biggest banks in the world, clearly show that security and compliance are safe with Google. As a leading analyst stated: “Google invests more in security than what most enterprises could afford, let alone the average business.”Google demonstrated that the ongoing discussion about the security of cloud can be concluded.


Nifty stuff

Of course, there was also a lot of innovation introduced at Next’17; Google stays the worldwide powerhouse of innovation. I personally was impressed by the machine learning initiatives of Google and partners. It became clear to me that the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is already in the now, and not just for tomorrow. It has reached our everyday life and work. G Suite users may notice some nifty stuff when using Gmail, Calendar or being on the move. Things like the preview of graphical data from spreadsheets in an email, suggestions for replies on received mail, these kind of things make life much easier.

In fact, G Suite and complementary Business Applications are the front-end for the huge pool of innovation and computing power that Google has to offer. Available for any user, without the need for IT support to reap the benefits.

The decision was right

What does this all mean for us? I am confident that two years ago the right decision was made when our sister company VOGSY chose Google as the platform for building a mobile business app for Professional Services organisations. At that moment, it was a tactical choice, seen the dominance of the Microsoft ecosystem. We now see that our decision was right. We are best positioned to service the business needs for innovation and seamless business processes of PSOs and millennial professionals.

So back in Amsterdam, we have a lot of work to do. Everything is in place now: VOGSY is available in the G Suite Marketplace, Google’s partner program has geared up, the enterprise market is becoming aware of the benefits of Google for their business and IT needs. So it is up to us and our partners to to help making PSOs successful with VOGSY.


G Suite is the front-end of the huge pool of innovation and computing power in the Google Cloud

And the meeting with Eric Schmidt that I had on my bucket list? Eric is now CEO of Google’s mothership Alphabet and he used to be my highest boss with Novell. Well, I did not manage to meet him. There was too much other interesting stuff going on. But it is funny how things pan out. Eric announced at Next to invest 30 billion US dollar in Google datacenters worldwide. That is about a factor 1,000 bigger than he was permitted to sign off in his Novell days…!

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