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The happiest people on earth are unhappy at work

2 maart 2017

By Wout Klok, CEO GeeFirm

Ever been in The Netherlands? The country of tulips, windmills (not any more), wooden shoes (never was) and canals? The country of Amsterdam, Van Gogh and Rembrandt, bicycles for all and coffee shops where they sell drugs? The country that asked Donald Trump that "we totally understand it's going to be America first, but can we just say The Netherlands second?". Thus going viral and starting a worldwide competition between countries for that second place.

The Netherlands introduce themselves to Trump - Zondag met Lubach

According to the World Economic Forum, the Dutch belong to the happiest people on earth. The splendid digital infrastructure in Holland may contribute to the wellbeing of its inhabitants. Compared to other countries, The Netherlands score extremely high on internet access, broadband networks, 4G mobile network coverage, smartphone penetration and the like.

Disbalance work/home
But the daily work at the office does not add to the happiness of the Dutch professionals. In contrary, most of them are not happy at all with with the tools for their job, according to the ‘Google Apps for Business 2016’ survey by MarktEffect. The researchers found that just 2 of 5 professionals in The Netherlands are content with their user experience with the tools they have been given for doing their job. Less than half of the respondents (43%) scores an 8 or higher (up to 10) for the tools at work. At home, they are much better accommodated. Over ¾ (76%) evaluates their tools at home at 8 or more. That is almost twice as good!

Bad user experience
What annoyances do professionals run into? Too many logins, outdated and slow systems, much manual work, too many steps in processes, bugs, tedious operations. The software and systems they currently use at work fall short. They offer only a limited contribution to the professional’s efficiency and carefulness in their job. At home, things are different. The stuff that professionals have themselves arranged for in their private situation is easy to use, effective and fast.

“Their wishes all point towards Google and VOGSY”

So the respondents overall are dissatisfied. But not dissatisfied enough to take initiatives for change. They seem willing to accept that inadequate means at work are a fact of life. However, challenged by the researchers to think of ideas for improvement, they are soon aware that what they have at home, needs to be in the office as well. In the online community that is associated with the research, many ideas pop up and are enthusiastically met by the participants. The suggestions are all about usability, speed, mobility, easy access to information, automated processes, single sign-on, integration of applications and the like.

This means that their suggestions all point to Google G Suite, Cloud, Chrome and VOGSY business software on top! Because that scenario genuinely provides the integrated, single platform, single log-on for frictionless collaboration the social media way that professionals are craving for. At home, at the office and in the cloud. It has all to make them happy at work!

Number One
If employers succeed in offering the Google / VOGSY user experience to their workforce, the Dutch may improve their happiness ranking. They then will end up, not as number seven (current position), not as number two, but on top of the list!

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