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Reason #2 why Google ERP solutions will win: mobile

28 april 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Sales & Marketing Director GeeFirm

How come that Google succeeds in attracting more and more consultants? My second blog in a series that shares light on causes for the accelerating adoption of Google Cloud in the Professional Services Industry.

In my first blog, I explained that the prevailing ‘cloud first’ IT strategy is one of the main drivers for the strong acceleration in the adoption of Google. Another one is Mobile. Especially in consultancy, where professionals need to work wherever and whenever the client urges them to, that’s quite a thing. Mobility is a basic living condition for consultants on the move. Google has understood this right away. The worldwide market share of the Android operating system for mobile devices simply is mind boggling: about 90%. Apple’s iOS scores 12,5% and Microsoft a bit more over 00,25%. Each day, over 30,000 new Chromebooks are activated; and G Suite has more than 60 million users within the United States’ education system alone. Those students are the professionals of tomorrow. Will they ever be willing to move into legacy?

In my next blog, I will look into ROI as another strong driver for the growth of Google. Stay tuned!

Interested to know how you can innovate your Professional Services with Google ERP? Check my other blogs or contact us.

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