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No more data loss with Team Drives

2 mei 2017

G Suite is known for making sharing and collaboration easy. Which is probably one of the reasons that you love G Suite. However, until recently, one problem seemed to remain. You may have experienced, that when your colleagues leave your organisation, the real danger exists that your team experiences data loss. Now Google has invented Team Drives to stop this potential danger of collective data loss.

Team drives: shared spaces

Because, recently Google launched the Team Drives feature in Google Drive. In this post, we’ll explain what Team Drives are and show you some of the other benefits besides the very much appreciated ‘no shared data loss’.

Not only offers Team Drives shared spaces in which teams can store files with the guarantee that every member has the most up-to-date information anywhere, from any device. Also the onboarding process is easy, because every person added to a Team Drive gets instant access to the team’s documents.

Team is owner of the data

Unlike files in My Drive, files in Team Drive belong to the team instead of an individual person. So if a document’s creator leaves the team, the documents stay in the Team Drive - no more shared data loss. Because of this your team can easily continue to share information and get work done. Besides that, advanced access controls make Team Drives even more robust. For example, with Team Drives you can prevent team members to accidentally remove or delete files that are needed by others.

Note: Team Drives is available on G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise. If you cannot use Team Drives, contact us.

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