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Manage growth in your business efficiently

4 april 2017

By Jean-Paul Damen, Director Business Development GeeFirm.

When your business is growing, it is usually because you’ve done something right. For instance, you’ve just landed a new service, marketing has been effective and your sales are coming in. Even though your business keeps on growing, at some point you will reach the limit of your business capacity. You can run out of business resources or the ability to manage operational issues effectively. In this blog we explain the way you can manage growth.

Drivers for Growth

Fast growing companies in Professional Services can only support their growth by aligning their numerical capacities and organizational capabilities, in such way that they are able to fulfill their promises. How easy this sounds, in practice these promises appear hard to keep and difficult to manage. May unfolding new futures and profitable perspectives be the driver of business growth for professional services, putting energy in delivery capabilities is equally important. Not just because things need to get done, but also to facilitate productive collaboration with customers and create productivity gains in the delivery process. And this is precisely why the IT infrastructure of professional services companies needs to be simple and easy to use in order to support company growth.

Innovation is saying goodbye to the past

It has often been said that without innovation there is no growth. For me, this raises the question: what is the sustainable added value of innovation to growth? Personally, added value means that people are willing to make a change and try to welcome/accommodate new things (i.e. propositions, operations, systems, methods, etc.). Even though companies want to make a change, it can be hard to let go of developments of the past. Nevertheless when you choose to make a change, you will increase growth.

Recently, we had to make some changes of our own. We used to offer connectivity and VoIP solutions to our customers, services that come from our old business model. Finding out the hard way, we eventually we stopped selling these services. Simply because they did not fit into our new business model. The result was an improvement in customer satisfaction levels. By listening closely to our customers, we created opportunity to start new innovative projects in line with customer demands such as assisting them in fulfilling their digital transformation ambitions.


Nowadays the ability to be productive is driven by the ability to stay connected. That is why more and more companies focus on having “Enterprise Social Networks” which offer easy ways of collaborating and communicating with colleagues and customers. In other words, collaboration is key if you want to change and grow your business. For instance, someone might be confident about his idea, however, when a team mate runs with it, it becomes a game changer. When an idea takes a life of its own, you know it is something special. When businesses connect people, ideas can become plans and eventually drive to successes. Some pretty, Good software is developed with this process in mind. We can show you.

How can we help

So your people are working in teams in places beyond the office? They work from customer locations, while they are in their hotel room, from home and even when they are in a taxi in some great city in the world. Do you like the idea of working anywhere and anytime? Yet have no idea how to realise this within your company? GeeFirm provides knowledge and services to help you manage and grow your business the social media way.

Are you a Professional Services company and you want to be innovative, give us a call.

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