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How to navigate the Perfect Storm

11 april 2016

Professional Service companies are in a perfect storm. Creative destruction is everywhere. New businesses and new Business Models turn the Professional Services Industry upside down. Many providers struggle with the challenge to address the transformation of their business environment.

Technology as the big driving force
There is so much going on in mobility, cloud, the Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics and Big Data, robotics, process automation, straight through processing and the like. Information, the main asset of the Professional Service company, becomes the major steering force. At the same time, the half-life of information is decreasing dramatically. The knowledge of today is outdated by tomorrow. The era of shielding knowledge in order to derive value out of it is at its end. Information needs to run free.

The good news is: those new technologies offer Professional Service Providers themselves immense opportunities for doing things differently and doing things better in order to recreate their business. To innovate, to transform and to disrupt, if you like. But first they have to get rid of the remains of the past: their Legacy IT and their Legacy ways of thinking, working and organizing.

Get rid of legacy IT and Old Skool methods
In order to address the IT Legacy issue, companies are moving their business applications to the Cloud. So far, so good. But it is not enough. Because by doing so, they just migrate the old stuff to a new place. What they had better do, is to stand up to the occasion to radically change the way they do business, collaborate and communicate. To empower their people, their partners and their customers to create the highest and the best value for all involved. To explore the frontier between the actual and the possible. And to get rid of the Legacy practices and Old School ways of doing business.

Enter the information driven organization
This goes far beyond worn out concepts such as ”productivity”, ”efficiency”, ”control”, and ”accountability”. Away with the fuzz of creating timesheets, monthly reports and P&L.Away with the top-down pyramid. Enter the truly networked, information driven, customer centric and people oriented organization!

Google Cloud Ecosystem
How could this be accomplished? It’s easy: tap into the offerings of the most innovative and most open providers of business IT infrastructure, application services and community building. The most prominent of those are Google and complementary applications from the Google Cloud Ecosystem. Their services and solutions are the best building blocks available for creating the business applications that Professional Service companies need to reinvent their business.

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