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How to make working more fun: towards a new software concept

9 augustus 2016

Many people don’t enjoy working as much as they should. Looking at a computer screen in an airless space, using complex software all day long: it is not their definition of ‘fun.’ They cannot wait to go home and relax. Given that the average employee spends a significant portion of the week in the workplace, this should be different. The question is: how can companies make working more enjoyable?

So what is fun?
Today, people crawl behind their devices to be social and have a good time. They keep in touch with friends and relatives by sharing, liking, and sending messages on social media. Furthermore, they play a variety of games on their computers to relax. In short, they like using laptops, tablets, and smartphones in the comfort of their own homes. So how should companies extend this experience to the workplace?

The solution: consumerization of software
Since people enjoy using consumer software at home, companies need to provide their employees with a similar user experience at work. If they implement software that is easy to use and maintain, working will be much less tedious. A company’s staff will enjoy using business software that resembles consumer software and allows for collaboration.

GeeFirm uses Google Apps for Work as a basic functionality for its software. Originally created for the consumer market, they are an excellent foundation for business software. In terms of criteria, they comply with three important software consumerization principles:

  1. Digital: everything should be available online 24/7;
  2. Mobile: all information must be viewable on a smartphone;
  3. Social: each document and email needs to be sharable right away.

How working becomes fun: VOGSY
Against the backdrop of the contemporary IT landscape, GeeFirm will soon start delivering and implementing VOGSY: easy-to-use, collaborative, mobile-friendly, click-and-go software. VOGSY is Google-based ERP and has a nicely-designed interface that provides a user experience similar to that of Facebook. Employees no longer have to search for information; it is presented to them in an orderly timeline. And that’s how software can make people’s working lives simpler, better, and much more fun!

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