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How to deal with the fake news in your business

16 februari 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Marketing & Sales Director GeeFirm.

Is Elvis Presley still among us? And Marilyn Monroe, was she really killed by a CIA agent? Fake news: we love it and we hate it. We cannot have enough of it when it concerns our adversaries and we dismiss fake news when it is about people we sympathize with.

Fake news is as old as humanity. It comes under different names: myths, gossip, urban legends, conspiracy theories... Fake news is a fact of life. That does not mean that we have to accept its existence. We all have the moral obligation to fight it when it occurs, to replace it with the truth, to keep our cool.

“Fake news is as old as humanity”

Fake news is all around us, also in our companies. Much of the information that runs around in organizations is incomplete and inconsistent. Many stakeholders have reasons to hide or distort data. To tweak that business forecast to align it with the ideas of your boss. To inflate the financial results for a higher bonus or a better share value. To add some billable hours to your timesheet. These things happen everywhere, only the extent may differ. We really should fight this phenomenon, as it leads to wrong decisions, needless conflicts, higher costs and lower revenues.

Radical Transparency
But how? The key lies in radical transparency. In sharing all the relevant information, for everyone to see. And even more important: for everyone to act upon. People hate to be kept in the dark, they want to be enlightened.

By showing the profit and loss of your projects, people will become motivated to improve. Not the numbers, but the underlying reality. By showing customer satisfaction your people can adapt best practices and approaches. By opening up the intellectual property of your company, new partnerships and collaborations will emerge.

“Many stakeholders have reasons to hide or distort data”

The road to radical transparency is littered with roadblocks, and transformation initiatives appear hard to implement. However, with the right tooling, this radical transparency will come about in a natural way. That tooling needs to be easy to use, attractive in look and feel, and really cover all aspects of the business: from finance to HR, from customer contact to content creation. It should bring the relevant information to the professional at precisely the right moment. Such a tool should free people from tedious administrative tasks and enable them to shine in their job.

That tooling is available right now. It is called VOGSY. Look into it. Book a call with one of us.

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