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Google Cloud Search the search engine for G Suite

28 februari 2017

We were wondering when Google would introduce the best of Google search to G Suite. Well that time has come now. Google is presenting Google Cloud Search. With this new feature you don’t need to open Gmail and search through Gmail, or open Google Drive and search there to find what you need. Now, you are able to find everything yourself in G Suite trough just one tool.

Find information without wasting time
Due to an increasing amount of companies going to the cloud, browsing through internal information becomes more complex. With Google Cloud Search this is no big deal, everyone can find the information they need right away. According to McKinsey an employee spends on average 20% of their time searching for information. Google Cloud Search will immediately be reducing this effort since it allows your employees to search across all Google Apps in G Suite (this includes Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets and Drive).

desktop Google Cloud Search

A tailored search experience
When opening Google Cloud Search you’ll see simple cards with relevant information for you. Based on Google’s machine technology, these respond on your needs and are adaptive. For example, they can suggest files that need your attention.Besides that you can also use Google Cloud Search to search for colleagues or information. However not all information can be found. Cloud Search is respecting G Suite’s file sharing permissions. This means that users only see what they are allowed to see.

Mobile Google Cloud Search

Go mobile
Since Google is encouraging mobile first working, Google Cloud Search is also available as an app for iOS and Android. After installing the app you are able to search for you colleagues schedules, make appointments, start a Hangout and more.

How to get Google Cloud Search
It’s an understatement to say that this is a business-critical product to any company. Google Cloud Search is being rolled out to G Suite Business and Enterprise users. If you’re interested in upgrading to either one, contact Geefirm to find out more.

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