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Google Cloud Next’17, here we come!

3 maart 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Marketing Manager GeeFirm

We are ready to go and full of excitement. On Sunday, Leo Koster, Wout Klok and I, will set off for the Google Next 2017 summit in San Francisco. It is the must-attend event for every one that is Google related or interested in innovation. As a user, customer, partner, consultant, analyst. Or as a tech geek or developer. Of course, we can’t be missed.

The annual Next event offers a perfect opportunity for getting to know new people and to meet long time relations within the Google community. And also to learn about the newest of the newest Google innovations and plans.

Thinking Machines

I am especially curious about the state of Artificial Intelligence Google-style. Last autumn, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, announced Google’s transformation from a mobile-first to a AI-first company. As an innovation freak, I can’t wait to know how this will materialize in new services and products. I want those, and I want them now! For my customers and for myself. For easier working and doing better business. It is funny how Google brings about this feeling of urge, of craving for even more innovation.

Open climate partner ecosystem

One other topic I am much interested in, is Google’s partner strategy for the near future. As a fast growing and ambitious App provider, we appreciate a working relationship with Google. We love a climate of easy access to the people that matter to us, an effective market strategy, generation and sharing of leads, and also awareness of the importance of innovative new kids on the block like us. Those start-ups and scale-ups are able to bring true innovation to corporate Google users and to new verticals. To the benefit of Google itself as well.

Our application VOGSY has the potential to reach thousands and thousands Professional Services businesses worldwide using G Suite. And the other way around: the groundbreaking functionality of VOGSY will accelerate the adoption of G Suite with professionals and consultancies. Because now there is a business app for them that is spot-on for their needs. But they must step over to Google first to leverage its functionality. Partners like us also have a task in making Google an even bigger success in the enterprise world. We must evolve alongside Google’s strategy. I expect to learn how we best can support Google’s go-to-market approach. And to make Google aware of the vital knowledge its partners have about the industries they are active in.

Bucket list

One little item on my personal bucket list: I hope to run into Eric Schmidt. He was long ago my highest boss at Novell. He decided to leave the corporate world for Google. I followed a few years later and started my own Google based business.

That’s all for now, more to come later. We will share some hot news with you on Monday!

More hot news about Next 17 at #GoogleNext17

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