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Google Cloud Next’17 as a catalyst

17 maart 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Marketing Director GeeFirm

The Google Cloud NEXT’17 conference is over now. However, it marked the start of increased action in the Google Ecosystem. After our return to Amsterdam, my calendar became crammed with meetings and hangouts, triggered by the announcements done at Google Next. Everyone I speak with, is so excited about Google’s loud and clear articulated commitment to the enterprise market. There are great things to come and we are right in the middle of it.


Most of the new products and innovations are designed with the requirements of enterprises in mind. Just to name a few: Team Drive, Hangout Meet, the refresh of Google Contacts with a lot of new functions and integrations, the acquisition of AppBridge, which helps to migrate data from on-prem file servers into G Suite and Google Drive, the partnership with SAP…. these are all major stepping stones towards the accelerated adoption of Google in the enterprise world. Market leaders Microsoft and Oracle should be worried about Google’s decision to be big in enterprise cloud services. Google already wins half of the bids in the enterprise market.

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Risk Free Innovation and growth

Evaluating the meaning of all the things that happened at Next’17 and after, I come to the conclusion that our offering with VOGSY boils down to this: facilitating risk free innovation and growth for Professional Services organisations. PSOs need to transform in order to sustain their growth and to stay relevant to their customers and their professionals. The cloud is for them the carrier of real innovation and disruption in the near future. With the combined Google Cloud and VOGSY solution, PSOs can easily and organically succeed in their transformation. Just start with innovating by using Google G Suite, and fuel your ongoing growth with VOGSY.


Partner Support is vital

Google needs strategic partners who can contribute to the development and expansion of Google Cloud in specific markets. When I ran into Google VP Alison Wagonfeld, she made clear that she was happy with solutions like VOGSY that help Google to succeed in the Professional Services industry with specific ERP business solutions. She stressed that Google will put a lot of effort and investment in partner support.

This already proved to be no empty promise as right now we are preparing a joint event with Google, VOGSY and Appirio. Appirio is the Google Cloud implementation partner at PWC. The Benelux event will be focused on the Professional Services industry and is to be held later in spring at Google’s offices in Amsterdam.

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