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Final Reason why Google ERP solutions will win: innovation

9 juni 2017

By Jeroen Hovinga, Sales & Marketing Director GeeFirm

In my recent blogs, I explained that the prevailing ‘cloud first’ IT strategy is one of the main drivers for the strong acceleration in the adoption of Google. Three other strong drivers are Mobile, ROI and the richness of the Google ecosystem for Professional Services Organizations (PSOs).

Many PSOs have investigated, reviewed and benchmarked, including established names such as PwC, functional specialists like Quint Wellington Redwood and a range of boutiques and new kids on the block. After that, they have decided to leave the beaten paths and go for change, growth and innovation. To go for the Google ecosystem.

How come that Google succeeds in attracting more and more consultants? My final blog in a series that shares light on causes for the accelerating adoption of Google Cloud in the Professional Services Industry.

They can leave the ‘Era of Legacy’ behind

What have they been able to find? For starters: they can leave the ‘Era of Legacy’ behind. They experience 10 times better software in terms of functionality, speed and user experience. They benefit from the scalability that turns them from a local provider into a potential global player. For example, Frank Grift, CFO, said a while after adopting Google’s G Suite platform: “Dare to Challenge is our motto that challenges us and our clients to improve continuously and execute a real Digital Transformation strategy. G Suite as part of Google Cloud offers a robust and secure environment to support and expedite this change of our collaboration model internally and with our customers. Until now we were using a private hosted environment and for reasons of modern consulting models, flexibility, TCO and IT footprint reduction, we decided to embrace public cloud.”

And most of all, PSOs that have turned to Google see the fun experience in the eyes of their professionals. And in the war for millennial talent, that is a very strong asset!

Google for Professional Services Event
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