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ERP software: taking away the pain

31 augustus 2016

ERP software - or Enterprise Resource Planning software - was originally developed to link all business processes together, ensuring that everything was in the right place at the right time. The result? Cost reduction and efficiency. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it used to be. But nowadays, ERP hurts. In this blog, we’ll explain why, and we’ll tell you about a solution that can take away the pain.

People and machines

The roots of ERP software can be found in the manufacturing industry. It was a huge success in this sector, as the software could help plan everything in the production process. When people started using it in the emerging services economy, however, issues slowly arose. Now that people were the most important resources, attempts to realize ERP’s efficiency did not yield the hoped-for success. ERP started to hurt. Because people aren’t machines, and you can’t tell them to do things ‘because the computer says so.’

From the industrial age to the information age

When the industrial age gradually faded into the information age, ERP caused even more pain. Work processes were based on information rather than physical products – and ERP software had not been developed for it. Today’s digital natives – who have never worked with paper files and depend on smartphones, apps, and Google – have no clue what to do with ERP software. On the other hand, organizations don’t want to let go of ERP, because the idea of organizing efficient and effective processes through software is still very appealing. ERP as we used to know it might be dead, but it’s still a much-desired type of software. Long live ERP – right? But how to fulfill the yearning need for it?

ERP software: contemporary version

Efficient work processes have the great advantage of being time-saving. The old manufacturing days may be long gone, but the services industry still wants to enjoy the benefits of ERP software. When information is your essential resource, you need to get it to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

ERP software should be organized in a completely different way to accomplish this. It can’t be a description of what a person needs to do every day. Instead, it should summarize the result that employees need to achieve at a certain point. Subsequently, they need to be given freedom in their performance of the task.

In short, contemporary ERP software should be based on Google Apps for Work. Like GeeFirm’s pioneering VOGSY software. In the next article, we’ll tell you more about this present-day version of ERP, which can take away the pain!

Let us take the pain away
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