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ERP software and Google

15 september 2016

We’ve already told you a little bit about VOGSY. It’s our Google-based, present-day ERP solution. Now, why did we root our ERP software in Google? Well, because it can take away the pain. Let us explain how powerful, logical, and beneficial the combination of ERP software and Google is!

Google for Work: digital natives

Before we get into ERP software and Google, let’s have a closer look at Google for Work, the umbrella term for all Google business apps. The entire suite has been developed for a single target group: digital natives. Google Apps for Work were never created for old-fashioned binders. They were designed for smartphone addicts who have fully embraced the digital way of working. They are the information worker’s toolkit, which is why they’re all about social collaboration and sharing documents. ‘Cloud only’ and ‘mobile first’ are crucial terms in the digital native’s dictionary. And those are the exact things that Google business apps provide them with.

On the other hand, everyone needs structure. As openness and transparency are at the core of Google business apps, companies working with them are allowed great freedom. But not everyone is happy about it. Most people need a certain degree of organization. That’s where ERP software solution VOGSY comes in.

ERP software VOGSY meets Google

Doing something because a customer asked you to do it, or because you and your co-workers came up with a great idea, or just because you like it: ERP software VOGSY is made for motivated people who don’t do things just because a computer told them to. It allows people to give shape to freedom at a larger scale, and give direction to their plans. Basically, VOGSY is ERP software that lets digital natives organize and structure their freedom in order to shape their ideas.

Freedom meets structure: that’s how ERP software and Google can be integrated. And VOGSY found a perfect balance between these two!

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