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Embrace digital transformation to attract talent!

1 november 2016

Forward-thinking organizations can no longer afford to ignore digital transformation. Young talent will simply stay away if you don’t adopt their way of working. So experiment, have the courage to fail, and get back on your feet asap. Because that’s how the digital transformation age works!

An inspiring working environment

A pleasant, innovative working environment: that’s where it all starts. If you can’t provide the right job content, tooling, and technology – in other words, if you fail to create an inspiring working environment – talent will stay away or leave your workplace as quickly as they entered it. So you need to create a mobile, fast-moving, dynamic environment that welcomes growth and change.

This development, which goes hand in hand with digital transformation, was one of the main reasons why we created VOGSY. We noticed that the needs and perceptions of new generations of talent are so unique that ‘traditional’ solutions no longer suffice.

The right cultural setting

Digital transformation is all about creating the right cultural setting. You can achieve this by being agile and daring to experiment with new business models, services, and technologies. And you’d better be willing to produce success and accept failure along the way. Because the ‘old-fashioned’ approach of avoiding risks doesn’t work in this day and age. Agile organizations are successful, as they are willing to try a variety of options, testing what works and what doesn’t in practice.

We have adopted this way of working, too, and we have attracted great talent with it. Moreover, we’ve taken it to the next level by implementing this very philosophy into VOGSY, allowing our customers to work with the product hands-on, learning by trial and error.

Digital transformation: frontrunner in the war on talent

During the ongoing war on the talent, organizations are constantly looking to add intelligent people with fresh perspectives to their teams. And keeping them in their companies might be even more important, as young talent requires significant investments, and they can’t afford to lose them after a year or so.

That is why, in this fast-paced digital transformation age, it is essential to be prepared for millennials and digital natives. Their mindset is centered around the Google environment, which they’ve learned to work with in school. So if they can organize their work around Google-based technologies as well, they will easily feel at home.

Our Google-based ERP software is perfect for young talent. Agile organizations will also love to work with it, as experimenting is the very foundation of Google: renewing technology constantly, polishing and refining it all the time, is what the company is built on. That is digital transformation. That’s the right spirit!

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