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Bring back agility

23 mei 2017

By Jean-Paul Damen, Director Business Development GeeFirm

In my recent blog 5 big trends in professional services, I briefly mentioned that agility is a critical trait for companies in order to stay on top of their game. Meaning that, as an organization, you need to rapidly adapt to market changes. The ‘old-fashioned’ approach of avoiding risks and just wait for something to happen doesn’t work anymore. At GeeFirm, we found that agile companies tend to be more successful and attract more talent because they are willing to make changes when needed.

Agility related to Google Cloud solutions

First of all, agility is to be defined as the ability of an organization to adapt, change quickly, succeed and renew itself in a rapidly and continuously changing environment. But even established companies struggle to become more dynamic. So how do you do that? And how does this affect your company from an IT alignment point of view? Although Cloud is mainstream today and many well reputed companies have converted to the Cloud, the business world needs explanations how this choice contributes to ‘agility’. Let’s have a look at the basic drivers for adopting Google Cloud technology, from this point of view.

Nearly half of the companies that move to the cloud are doing so for clear and valid business reasons, such as the need to be flexible in today’s fast-paced economy. G Suite, a Google Cloud offering, provides office solutions and scalability in a transparent pay-per-user pricing model, including mobile device management and options for enhanced security.

Agility on IT resources

G-Suite can be deployed pretty fast. Say in two months for an SME company and in three months for a larger company. So what about business processes and ERP solutions for professional services companies? Rather than using a 2-year timeframe for selecting, buying, installing, deploying and implementing ERP solutions, G Suite has an optional integration with VOGSY. Full blown project ERP that can be delivered and used in 2 months time. VOGSY is a game changer. Google Cloud services like G Suite and VOGSY use self-service catalogs and are immediately available over the internet. Bottom line: if you use Google’s Ecosystem services to the max it cuts down on staff and downsizes back offices, as Apps and SAAS are taking over server based installs. Utilizing the agility of cloud computing helps businesses accelerate time-to-market.

Agility on costs

Often businesses indicate that the primary reason they migrate to the cloud is cost savings. Thanks to the cloud, businesses are able to provision resources on an agile manner (pay per use). Business owners can scale up the number of seats to applications as quickly as growth occurs. Previously, businesses would either have an unused capacity or wouldn’t be able to deploy lots of new users instantly. Companies that move to the Google Cloud not just gain agility on resources, they also significantly reduce their capital expenditure (downsizing on-premises equipment) and reduce operating costs (downsizing IT staff for maintenance and monitoring).

Agility on productivity

Since employees can work remote and can access applications from any connected device, businesses benefit from increased productivity when using G Suite and ecosystem services. Whether an employee is waiting in the lobby or traveling, cloud workers can be just as productive as if they were at the office. Business owners can boost goal directed behavior by deciding to share real-time business information and be transparent about business performance. VOGSY the mobile first Social ERP solution for professional services companies lowers costs of IT, optimizes project documentation and interaction between teams, manages resources and gives real-time insights on financials. These assets of working in the cloud stimulate growth, innovation, and collaboration amongst people. Providing this kind of value to companies in this fast changing world requires powerful agile tools for work. When planning your cloud move, be sure to include a plan to absorb all value of it over time.

Need help?

Are you agile as you are and do you maximize the return on investment of your move to Google Cloud? Or are you in need to improve your agility? Just give us a call.

At Geefirm we successfully combine application of the digital maturity scan with the execution of a well-designed Customer Success Program. This program takes into account that getting the best from IT and business applications involve continuous learning, improvement, and development by continuous collaboration with your company. Why need high staff levels if you have GeeFirm to help you?

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