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Automate your daily sales routines with Zoho CRM in just 5 ways

28 februari 2017

In a growing business you are short on two major things: resources and time. You probably want to do more with less. But do you know where to start? In this blog we will be explaining 5 easy ways to automate the most time consuming parts of your sales process with Zoho CRM, so you are able to spend your time doing what matters the most.

1. Distribute your leads by your rules.
If you don’t automate the assignment of every new lead to a particular sales rep, you have to manually do this. However when you are getting 200 leads a day, that will mean you have to perform the task 200 times. So be smart and save time by automating your lead assignment process for once and for all. Use Zoho CRM to segment your leads based on a particular source or city, and choose specific sales reps, users or groups to make your lead distribution repeat automatically.

2. Welcome new leads and start doing business
When you have to email all 200 new leads this means you have to make 200 email drafts. But if all leads need to get an email with the same content, why would you be doing the same thing 200 times. Just make a email template, which is the same for all new leads. And if you really want to be productive, create workflows that automate your welcome-email process for you. When applying this to your CRM every new lead will automatically get a welcome-email in their inbox. This will save you the hassle.

3. Follow-up
Following up with leads is as crucial as generating new ones. For example, you’re successful in generating many leads, however, following up is not your strong suite. This can depend on not following up fast enough. Because by the time you reach out to the 100th of them and send them an email, you probably be too late. Besides that, when only focussing on following up and not generating new leads, you will run out of customers. Therefore it is important that you focus on both generating leads and following up. Zoho CRM can help you to make it easier and faster to follow up. See which deals are closing this month that didn’t have had a follow-up. This is also something you can automate by using zoho CRM.

4. Approve more requests in less time
Don’t delay closing the deal, because it is not placed in front of your manager as soon as possible. Just simply automate your approval requests. Set one-time approval rules and get your approval process going. No more waiting, just close more deals in less time.

5. Be proactive
Well, you can wait for escalating issues when things take time. It would be better if this was not the case. Zoho CRM offers the opportunity to make escalation rules. This makes sure that the people who need attention get the attention they need. And if there is a delay that customers get informed, so nothing slips through.

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