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5 big trends in professional services

14 maart 2017

By Jean-Paul Damen, Director Business Development GeeFirm

Due to new technologies, the world we live in is constantly changing. This not only has an impact on the way you live, but also on the way you run your company in an agile way. People want to stay on top of their game and they do not want to be left behind. When working with Professional Services companies we see 5 trends emerging.

Managing growth

The need of companies to grow their business in an agile way is evident. However, when your company grows you need to make sure that the quality of service delivery is maintained. Especially, when your team increases in size, it is increasingly difficult to maintain the quality of service. That is why companies want to recreate the feeling and mindset of a startup or agile company. It is important to stay young, energized and flexible. Because that is what your customers like. They like you to change and improve for them in order to keep them going.

Workflow innovation

The way you do business has a certain rhythm and character. It’s important to understand in how customers look at you and how you achieve your goals. It is important that you understand the customer journey and that you try to make it more efficient. When looking at how digital collaboration and communication are embedded in workflows, doing business online is becoming a commodity. Resulting in companies facing digital revolutions. This raises the question: are your tools still effective, or should there be a change to a better and more agile IT solution?

Bring back agility

About effectiveness and the right IT infrastructure, when changing your company the digital transformation way, it is also important to create the right cultural and setting. You can achieve this by being agile and daring to experiment with freedom, delegated responsibility, turnaround processes, new service models and technologies. Be willing to produce success and accept failure along the way. The ‘old-fashioned’ approach of avoiding risks doesn’t work anymore. Agile companies are successful and attract talent, they are willing to try a variety of options, testing what works and what doesn’t in practice.

Lets discuss your agility

War for talent

A pleasant, innovative working environment: that’s where it all starts. If you can’t provide the right job, tooling, and technology – in other words, if you fail to create an inspiring working environment – talent will stay away or leave your workplace as quickly as they entered it. During the ongoing war for talent, agile companies are constantly looking to add intelligent people with fresh perspectives to their teams. Keeping these professionals in their companies might be even more important. That's why working with agile and easy to use workflow solutions is becoming more important.

KPI management

If you want to grow your business, its very important to set goals. Make sure that your goals are measurable. Numbers don’t lie. When you use them properly they will tell you everything you'll need to know about where additional oversight or changes are needed within your organization to increase efficiency, sales and quality. But what if the numbers tell a story you don’t like? Well, take advantage of them and learn where to improve. Fix the problem and make sure that it will not happen again. Modern Professional Services organizations are transparent and present their results to anyone in order to keep everyone connected.

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